I have started a few community projects over the past 6 years on Facebook. Some are local and some are global. If you’re interested to join any of the groups here. Just hop on and join our big family!

A) Singapore Neighborhood Freecycle Group

Established in the year 2014. We are a group of community who believe very much in recycling used item instead of throwing it away. Over 12,000 plus members are actively interacting with one another and policing this group. Our group is featured on major local newspaper. Plus this is a closely monitor group to ensure our group do not get spam. Get approved here.

B) Free Product Sample Singapore

Established in the year 2019. This group is focus on getting the best deal online – be it online or offline. If you have a sample for us to try, or game enough to try out new products and getting the best 1-1 deal. Head over here. Get approved here.

C) Digital Entrepreneur Mastery

Established in the year 2017. Flagship group for our side branding Digital Entrepreneur Mastery. Initial started off as a group to share strategy and tactic of drop shipping with my students. Now it’s extended to encompass digital business models which I personally tried and proven to generate income sustainably. If you’re interested to start generating a side income,come join us. Get approved here.

D) Local Offsite Meeting

Established in the year 2017. This group is conducted offline to establish a face to face connection with whom ever interested to get themselves involve in online courses creation. And we continue to meet up for other upcoming trend in the online business industry. If you’re interested to bounce off some ideas with one another, join us. Join our offline meeting here.