Some of the review given by my students:

Being a total newbie to drop shipping, it definitely helps to have a mentor that is knowledgeable in that particular area. And what separates a great mentor from a mediocre one? A truly great mentor is someone who is genuinely concern about your progress and success. This is exactly how Adwin has supported me in my journey on eBay dropshipping. Thanks Adwin!

– Cherie Yeow, Singapore

I started drop shipping in April 2017, and I learned through online courses. I did made some sales, however the sales were very inconsistent and profit is quite low ranging around $0.50-$1.50. I was so lost and desperate for real result. My turning point is when I begin my mentorship with Adwin and indeed I managed to make consistent sales with profit over $5 per item. And my STR (sell thru rate) improved tremendously from 6% to 25% in just merely 2 months. I was very impressed and happy with my progress and result. I don’t think I would be able to achieve such consistent result without the help of my mentor. A big thank you to my mentor!

– Kenneth Chua, Singapore

​​​The course is systematic and allows us to scale up fast even without prior experience. Unlike many courses which end once the training is over and you will be left to your own devices, we were updated regularly through chat group and had our questions answered. More importantly, there are monthly meetup sessions to ensure we are on track.

Conducted by a person who had there and done that, Adwin imparted valuable knowledge on what’s working to save us alot of time on trial and error.

​​​​An excellent mentorship programme and I learnt alot not just on dropshipping but also running of a business. This is the course you need if you are thinking of starting your dropship journey.

– Poh heng, Singapore

If you want to pick up a skill or learn anything, usually you would prefer to learn from the best. So if you want to learn how to do eBay dropshipping the proper way, I would highly recommend that you learn it from Adwin. I am grateful that Adwin has definitely helped to revive my eBay business. I was already doing eBay business prior knowing Adwin but the result was far from satisfactory – not as lucrative as what was painted during my previous course preview.

In fact, I was on the verge of giving up doing eBay dropshipping after 6 months because I was rated as “Below Standard” by eBay, therefore making it very difficult for me to continue because I do not have sales for many months but at the same time, I have to continue paying my eBay subscription fee. It was a coincidence that I get to know Adwin. After attending his course, I started to see improvement in my sales. From 0-2 sales per week, I started having sales coming in almost every day. Nowadays I am getting around 2-4 sales daily. It is definitely an improvement for me. Adwin will personally test all the new tools before sharing with his students, thus cutting down our time going through trial and error.

However, please do take note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The result you get equate to the amount of time you are willing to invest in doing this business.

– Janet leong, Singapore

I only started to do drop shipping seriously on 3rd October 2017. It’s a pretty good start for a newbie like me to have 7 sales the moment I started my mentorship with Adwin. He showed me that he is a result-based mentor. I aim to improve my sales in the next few months and increase my profit margin with my mentor’s help. I even planned to quit my current employment very soon and focus on drop shipping on full time basis. My mentor, Adwin make it possible for me to achieve my ultimate dream and live the lifestyle I desired.

-Angie Ang, Singapore

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