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The Top Profitable Industries of 2018: A Ranking


In the next 20 years, more than 80 percent of the jobs that are available will no longer be around? Does that scare you? We are now in a transitional stage of shifting from traditional way to “the new way”. It’s not a matter of you want to do it or not. It’s inevitable.

Here are the top 10 industries that are going to be extremely profitable in 2018.

#1 eCommerce – This is not going to go away in 5 to 20 years time. In fact, we saw the stress offline retailers are getting and they are being forced to find alternative to sell their products. Little wonder outside their local community due to limiting beliefs.

#2 Renewable energy – Green is getting widely accepted. I am sure you will see more green bins and electric cars around your neighborhood really soon. Even the big giant like China is going to make major policies changes to make all their cities green and clean. (perhaps in 20 years time)
Logistic revolution – Giant online shopping site like Amazon is going to use drone to deliver to your door steps. If this is going to be a trendsetter, many first world countries would be trying it out. This would save billion of dollars on logistics. Are you looking at a drone of the size of an commercial aeroplane to drop off all the smaller drones ?

#3 Health gadgets – Micro robots can be integrated into your blood streams and do micro repair. Reporting your health status by the second. Are we slowly moving toward immortality? Scientist foresee anti-aging treatment to be ready in 20 years time.
Spiritual well being – You do understand more and more people suffer from depressions and anxiety. They are desperately seeking help. If you’re in the healing industry or getting into it, you’re riding a long lasting trend. Congrats.

#4 Micro filming – No longer we need to wait for the next big blockbuster to be produced. Many smaller companies or even individual are making film on their mobile phone. Perhaps in 10 years time, we will be walking into a film hub to select any movies from any countries with individual seating. Meaning everyone no longer watch the same movie together but you can select which film you wish to watch anytime.

#5 Super food – There have been a major change to the food we put into our body. More and more people in the 1st world country are turning to super food to be incorporated into their daily life. We might perhaps one day, select the type of super food package cooked and delivered daily to your door steps by robotic drones.

#6 Commercial space sharing – Price of offices and retails are not going to come down any sooner. More pop up shops and space leasing companies are going to be emerging. And we can see that in order for businesses to be profitable and maximize their space, they need to be “a salon, a cafe and a fashion boutique” all in one solution for their customer. More of such retailer will be around your local community.

#7 Water – Not I am not talking about the bottled water industry. Clean water that are both nutritional and tasty. This is very possible in the coming year if this is driven by the government. Everyone can be drinking clean water and knowing the content we are drinking are not just safe but nutritional. The water filter industry is the closest which average consumer can implement and the trend is getting strong.

#8 Wearable functional accessories – You can see many people would like to be reminded on simple task like drinking water, move more, sit less and important meetings. They would be wearing bangles/band like fitbits, iwatch, smartwatches more than classic watches. Of course this is not just restricted to smartwatches but mobile phones will soon become wearable.

#9 Selling Live eCommerce – No or low cost selling via live salesperson is getting popular. In fact a lot of smaller brands started to engage a huge following with a short span of time. It’s definitely to boom in times where the big guys realized traditional advertising is no longer appealing to Gen-Alpha.

#10 AI bots – From trading to writing a piece of article you no longer need to outsource and chase after deadlines. Many companies are developing AI robots, hardware and software to make you lazy. We can spend more quality time with people we love or pick up a new hobby.

That’s my take on the top 10 industries and some seems far-fetched but it’s coming.

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